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Sales, Marketing, Concept & Product Development, Licensing, Recruitment, Business Set Up, Problem Solving Solutions and Enjoying our work!

First and fore most we listen to the challenge you have. Then we ask some questions and then we check we’ve understood your challenge. There is nothing worse than someone running off to do a load of work and not checking they’ve understood. Once we’ve got an appreciation of the challenge we take some time out to reflect on it before we come back to you with some suggested actions. If you agree with the direction we crack on and start working with you. It really is that simple!

We use the experience we have gained through brutal real life scenarios and the theory gained from PRINCE2 project management training. We all know deep down that a text book only goes so far, and to be quite frank we’ve done the courses so you don’t have to. If we can articulate something in plain English we won’t produce a 200 page document just to show you. We believe that what we work together on wants to be implementable and ideally scalable so you can maximise your opportunity.

We just love working with people to make products reach retail and ultimately the consumers hands. If they happen to be toy products that we think are cool its even better but we don’t just do toys despite our love of an awesome toy product. Our team have experience of nearly every non-food item and have even crossed the borderline into food and worked on confectionary in the past.

The five A’s of Added Smile Approach.
1. Acceptance
  • Get to know you and what you need
  • Define expectations
  • Agree next steps & importantly deadlines
2. Appraisal
  • We reflect on your challenge
  • Research external
  • Review internal
3. Analysis
  • Consolidate available data
  • Perform analysis
  • Define the model
4. Assessment
  • Test the proposal
  • Absorb the feedback
  • Test again
5. Application
  • Submit proposal
  • Embed proposal
  • Agree audit & review
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