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News flash: The realisation I’ve not made time for news

I was reviewing my business progress and I looked back at my website which I was so excited, and proud of at launch – 14th February 2017 – there has been no new news since 10th March. Oh dear!

The last post I made in news was 10th March. That’s over 13 weeks ago! Clearly that is not keeping people up to date or sharing any of the exciting things I have been doing.

Why is this?

Frankly, I’ve been busy experimenting with my “work balance” and it has been great fun!

Some of you will know I’m juggling a new business, integrating myself back into family life (having worked away all week for over 10 years), returning to being classified as a runner, and of course working on my Executive MBA at Leeds University.

I’m having to consult my diary and my planner to work out where/what I’ve been doing that I could possibly talk about without causing issues as I have had to sign some confidentiality agreements.

To try to keep this brief – 3 points per headline;

News on the Business

  1. First client secured – – we’re going to help build them a UK & Eire business which I’m really excited about!
  2. I’m working with 3 sets of American companies to deliver further work – I’ll share when appropriate…sorry to tease.
  3. Time is precious…there are opportunities everywhere!

News of my Family Life Integration

  1. I watched my 7 year old’s football tournament on a Wednesday afternoon
  2. Both my children unprompted have said they like having me at home, and even miss me if I’m away overnight now!
  3. I am allowed to put my movements on the family calendar (that is progress!)

News on my Running Progress

  1. Ran Liverpool half marathon in 1hr 38min
  2. Ran Leeds half marathon in 1hr 39min 30secs (trust me if you’ve done it that feels better than at Liverpool!)
  3. YTD I’ve run 627 kilometres which is equivalent to running from Harrogate to Paris!

News about my Leeds University MBA

  1. Currently still on track for a distinction (by publicly sharing this I’ve just upped the pressure!)
  2. Started a board room challenge group exercise which we chose to do on BREXIT which is incredibly challenging!
  3. Completed the first part of “Operations & Information Management” which leads to a 4,000 word assignment to be handed in on 4th September 2017

The Future

Commitment to a monthly update focused on the four headings and I will try to flag “Reasons to Celebrate” along the way. The theory being we all witness something positive and that’s worth sharing. During the last 13 weeks I spent a long time working on something that didn’t come off but I also saw some really inspirational things too. For those who haven’t seen this “pop-yourself” you’ve got to try it (you can see my effort at the start of the post). This team have done a great job on their business plus they have a lot of fun with it too! There is a lesson for all of us in that.

Until next time…and I won’t leave it 13 weeks.

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