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“Oh Yes!” we can take an idea and implement it through to on shelf

Churchill in a box
Churchill in a box


In early 2008 a group of friends sat down for a coffee and were discussing ideas for a toy product that could be developed. Having seen the phenomenal sales success of “The Crazy Frog” being turned into a soft toy the group debated other T.V. adverts that could work. Then to much hilarity one of the group started doing impressions of Churchill.

The idea was consolidated and Churchill soft toys was identified as the target.

The Brief

Can Added Smile secure permission to make Churchill toys, source manufacturing, develop the product through to approval and most importantly get the finished product onto retail shelves? Without ruining this case study too much the answer was “Oh Yes!”.

The Steps

  1. Securing the rights

First and foremost we had to identify who owned them. Churchill at the time was part of the RBS banking group and remember it was 2008 so it wasn’t that straight forward. A number of phone calls and letters led to our first meeting. We pitched the idea through two levels of management and got the green light!

  1. Sourcing a reputable manufacturer

We have extensive contacts through years of sourcing but we needed someone who could meet the strict requirements of what had become a Government owned entity. Underground Toys were approached and agreed to manufacture Churchill.

  1. Placement at Retail

The Group of friends who initiated the idea were a team of sales guys from the toy industry with access to retail buyers but we know every major retail group in the U.K. & Eire and have the capability to reach out to a network of International sales representatives should your product translate.

  1. Sales, and Sell Through

Churchill plush (Plush is the term for “soft toy” in the toy industry) sold well and the resultant toys made it on to retail shelves and are long sold through however if you look an Ebay you can find one today.

  1. Inspiration to others

On 1st July 2011 another company adopted the use of a soft toy…introducing Aleksandr

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